Grange Prep

For the past month or so I’ve been doing a bunch of maintenance and minor upgrades to the car. PBM coilover top hat bearings, PBM intake pipe, silicone vacuum lines, axles boot, gas tank seals, splitter and few other small things.

The car has been doing well after the first few track days. Which is all I really want to do this year, drive. Steven decided to host a friends and family drift day a grange motorsports. I’ve driven this track before when I was KA haha. Now that I’m SR it should be a bit more fun.

First few things that needed to be changed were my top hat bearing, vacuum lines, intake pipe and gas tank seals/lines

Then I finally got around to installing my SPL arms that I found for a really good price in our local FB group all I needed was to replace the heim joints and they were good to go. Since I was working on the rear end, it was time fix the crack on the axle back part of my exhaust and install new boots on my axles.

A local exhaust shop was able to not only repair the hole it had a the rear hanger. They also reinforced which turned out really nice.s

At this point almost everything I wanted to get done for grange was pretty much done. The cars alignment was slightly off but my buddy David was kind enough to align it for me and drives great!

This same day my buddy Roy was working on his really nice s14. Complete Navan with LMGT4 all around

The date for grange is now about a week away and I did the last thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while, make a splitter. I didn’t really get much pictures during the process but I have a few to share on how it turned out. I made a quick blue print so I would know how much hardware I needed. It came out super messy but it worked. It’s really supportive and now I can worry a little less about smashing my bumper at grange lol

Lastly all I need was to install my Auto-collect Storm Harness relocation kit. Super easy to install and made my harness further away from my tires and keep it from rubbing. You can tell where I was rubbing before at full lock. Luckily I was able to notice this before anymore track days. Never had the issue of rubbing before but with the new tire set up it slightly did.

So that’s pretty much it for track prep. It’s only a few more days now and the car is 110% ready. Hopefully all goes well and will post updates on that day too.

Thanks again for taking the time read this!!


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