2017 ends but new memories were made

Once again another year comes and goes. This past December Steven, Allen and I planned a small test n tune at willow springs balcony. A few other dudes showed up to drive that day too. It felt like a mini drift event and it went super smooth! It took some time for me to get used to the new set up and having not drift the car for about 3 years at a track made it a bit harder. PLUS I was KA the last time I was there haha. The new power, suspension and tire set up felt so damn good. The car did everything I wanted it to. I went straight to initiating. Faints and 2nd gear clutch kicks are what I stuck to. I tried 3rd entries but man that felt pretty wild and fast. I couldn’t really get the hang of it and most of the day had already gone by so I figured I’d focus on 3rd gear when I come back for another test n tune.

It was Stevens first time ever drifting his car and my god did his car look great doing it. After a few donuts and figure 8s he quickly started doing entries. He caught on pretty quick. Allen drives s14 zenki with navan sides, valance and kouki wing on 18/17 chrome model 5s. He also went straight to initiating after a few donuts. He did really great too! I was really proud of us at the end of the day on how well and smooth it went. Other than Allen rubbing through his harness but that was a quick fix haha. IMG_4141IMG_4142IMG_4145


Im extremely proud of how far our cars have come and to see them out and being driven instead of sitting in a garage. I don’t think I could ever not drive my car unless its needed. Top photo was about 3 years ago and I didn’t think the cars would be where they’re are at nowIMG_4064img_4174.jpg

Here are just few photos of our drive up Azusa canyon Christmas evening . Tim and his cool final edition EVO X on te37 SLs with some nice bolt-ons. Full tomei expreme ti exhaust system(sounds so damn wild) upgraded front mount and intake system. All on a re-flashed ECU making about 340-350 whp.



This coming up year I don’t have any new major things I  want to do to the car but i will just drive and enjoy it. I have other things in life that I need to focus on. Cars are fun and a great hobby but hobbies can be put on hold. I’m hoping to add some more personal updates other than car stuff this time around.

Also a big thanks for taking the time to read this it means a lot!! Lastly sorry for any typos haha happy new years!!


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