Build and enjoy

The past 2 months consisted of testing all the new aero and sending it into paint and some last minute changes. Let’s start with testing all the new aero and also new hood. Someone local had a stage 21 drop vent hood and it took some thinking but I ended up getting it. Everything fit like it should and I was really satisfied.

I needed something other than the oem hood latch for this hood. So I found some sleek looking latches made by Quick latch which work really well.

At this point I already had someone to paint the car and couldn’t wait to send it in. So it was time.

In the back of my head I’ve wanted to change my wheel set up but I didn’t really know to what. Until I found a full set of silver TEs with centercaps (Centercaps were removed right before they were put on the car lol). As cool as bronze TEs are, I personally like silver more. Red car and silver wheel combo will always be my favorite.

I wanted to try a new square set up this time around. The wheels are 17×9 +22 and I wanted to run a 235/40/17 all around Federal RSR up front, 595SS for the rears 

The time came to pick up the car on a Friday 11/3/17. I didn’t touch the car until Sunday so it stayed on jacks until then.

Sunday was the day, time to install my new subframe with PBM risers and assemble the car. Thanks to the help of Franklin and Steven it made this whole process easier.

I didn’t get any pictures when the car was almost done that night but Franklin took a few, thanks for that!!

The next day I put all the all the lights. Cleaned up my interior from all the dust. Then took it to get it aligned.

Now that the car was back on the road it was time to hang out with a few close friends even though not everyone’s car is running we all still hang out just as much

My buddy Eric takes really good photos and took this one of our cars. He can use any camera and it’s amazing how he does it

I couldn’t be happier with the people this car has led me to cross paths with. Everyone one I’ve met so far was car related. I have high school friends that I still keep in touch with but I don’t see them as much mainly because they’re into things I just don’t find fun. I could stand in a empty parking lot just like the ones pictured above for hours. To anyone else we look like idiots wasting our time. To me we’re enjoying each others company talking about what’s next for our cars or even what’s going on in our life’s. Cheers to all you guys, you truly are the best!!!

Thanks for reading! Few more updates to come.


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