Uras x Vertex x GP Sports

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this. New things will be coming soon and can not be any more excited. I finally have all my aero pieced together. So I decided to keep and run my uras n+ bumper. It had some minor blemishes so I had that repaired by a the same friend who fixed my wing. This dude is crazy good with fiberglass work 

I wanted to run some sort of vented fenders but the only ones at the time that seemed promising were dmax +25mm which fit decent. So of course before I pull the trigger on those I hop on yaj and found some brand new vertex fenders which are +15mm which is a lot more subtle. Didn’t think twice and made the purchase! Also they made it in one piece haha  

At the end of May I contacted shine auto, they replicate sexy style and gp sport g-sonic zero for s13s. They also make other aero for a wide range of cars. I placed an order for sonic zero skirts and rear bumper which took about 2 months. So I took a day and test fit everything aside the rear bumper (too lazy to remove the diffuser) 

Now I’m just currently looking around for paint shops that can do the job for me. The car was painted 4 years ago at a one a day place it looks kinda okay in pictures lol but I would like to have a more higher quality paint job this time around. I’m still trying to decide what kind of red I’m going to choose. I have a few in mind but forsure this car will stay red until I die. Thanks for reading!! 


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