Cool broken parts….

Car was doing well but had to put it on jacks stands for about a week. My Dmax manifold cracked pretty bad so had to take it out. I was thinking of getting another tubular manifold but ended up just throwing in a stock one on. I found out that stock s14 and s13 manifolds are different. The s14 has a bung on the back part and hits the rear return hose.(egr maybe? I don’t know) But I managed to source a 13 manifold now I’m actually really enjoying the tone of the car, slightly deeper and quieter. 

While the car was down my Uras Drag wing came in earlier than expected! I ordered it mid febuary and uras didn’t have any at the time so their next batch wasnt until the end of April. So I wasn’t expecting to get it until early May. It looks great and fits perfect!! BUT….it was damaged. The box looked like it was stepped on even though it said fragile all over it. It cracked the wing down the middle but I have a buddy who does really good fiberglass work and is gonna fix it up for me. 

The car is back on the road after that minor hiccup. It feels great and I enjoyed it over the weekend. Now I can focus on piecing new aero!


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