Friends and Ideas 

The year has been going by very nicely so far and couldn’t be any better. The cars running great.   

I turned 24 which was on the 24th of this month. So everyone met up for a KBBQ and 85 bakery. I was extremely happy to have everyone around hanging out and having I great time which was perfect. A few friends went the extra mile and decided to get me gifts which I love and cannot thank them enough!!! Roy and Steven got me a innovate wideband and Franklin and Arlynna got me a Blitz dual SBC. Thanks guys!!!

As much as I enjoy how the car feels power and suspension wise the outside has been bugging me for a while. From the unmatched painted aero to the holes in the trunk from my old wing. The aero has definitely seen better days. I recently found a uras n+ front bumper from a local importer which was super cool but to get the rest of the kit would be too much. So I rather put together something else. So now all I really am thinking about is new ideas of what the car COULD look like. But who knows.


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