Good bye 2016

Now that I look back at driving my car up to San Fran was a really dumb idea. Since I really only drove it two days before this trip. Everything seemed heathy and no issues so it wasn’t bad at all. We left  Friday at 3am and met up Franklin, Alrynna and Steven. From LA to Santa Barbara we were having a hard time driving in he rain. But we managed to get through it safely. Then it started to clear up and we got on some really nice roads.  

Our first stop was at a restaurant called Pepper Lunch in San Jose which was fantastic. We then got to our Airbnb and washed and cleaned up the cars to get all the road dirt off. Finally we were settled in and ready to uber to the city which was 15min away. We had Golden Boy Pizza then just wondered around. The weather was about the same back home but felt lot colder for some reason.

The next day Steven and I went out to the market to pick up some things to cook for breakfast. We realized we made way too much food for just 4 of us lol. Then we all went out for a drive by the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was super nice and there was also no fog so it made the view so much better! After that we went back to the house to rest up for a bit then went out to eat ramen. Later that night Franklin’s buddy and a few other car dudes had a small meet for us all to hang out. 

The last day we hit the road and went to a diner in the mountain for some breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant which was great!  We then cruised along the coast for a while and the view was perfect and so nice. I wish I could drive along the coast the whole way home. After a few hours we finally made it back home to and went back to reality. 

This was one of my first big drives with my car and couldn’t have beenj happier about it. I definitely hope to make more trips with this car. 

So that wrapped up the end of my 2016 and here I am now Sunday Feburary 12 11:40pm finishing this up. The cars going to stay this way for a while. I do have a few plans for it but that’s the last of my worries right now. I’m just going to continue and enjoy it as is. Thanks for taking the time to read. Now we’ll see what destinations come next  


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