It was time! 

Finally the day came to drop the engine in and get it ready for my trip up to San Francisco. The last few parts came in just in time and was super excited.  

I did run into an issue, forsome reason the car would not start. So after a week going by and only a few days before my trip. So I tested everything  before I took off the valve cover. Checked for gas and spark and all were good so I opened up the Valve cover set it too too dead center and pulled out my CAS and took about 20min just making sure it’s aligned when it goes in. Put everything back together and sealed it up. So I go to crank it and BAM it fired right up! Turns out my timing on my crank angle sensor was off. Figured this out on a Sunday and spent the whole day putting the car back together, aero and all. Burped the system and everything seemed okay, now it’s time to drive and enjoy. I couldn’t believe I got the car back on the road with only 4 days until my trip! 

Found this photo online and was looking at this then back at mine making sure they were the same for a good amount of time hahaha


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