Getting ready

 The time finally came around to do the swap and I couldn’t have been more thankful for everyone’s help. During this time I was getting package after package for parts needed to finish up. It all fell into place at the right time. It was actually pretty fast considering the amount of work I did to the engine bay too. It took about a month to complete started the end of October and finished the beginning of December. Every weekend I was busy working on the car dusk till dawn. Sometimes I’d wake up extra early before going to work to tinker with it throughout the week. Enough with this time to get work done! 

Time to put the car down and start removing all the main things to pull this thing out 

Now that all the main things are out of the way the time came to pull this thing out. Again I can’t thank everyone enough for the help that day. You guys are the best!

Now the fun stuff. The following few days I was getting the engine bay cleaned and prepped for my buddy coming over to stitch weld my strut towers and some other areas that needed to be reinforced came out great and makes the engine bay more exciting 

Some parts came in and was super happy wiring specialties harness, koyo n flow, ORC clutch disk and release bearing. Oh quick rewind so I found and purchased an ORC hyper single clutch R.Y.O edition on YAJ about a 3 months before I bought my SR hahaha.

Now lets get fancy!! Time to paint my engine bay. I originally planned on doing silver but I changed it last minute to a satin black similar to my valve cover. Didn’t need much to prep work just scuffed everything up a bit. I was pretty satisfied how I turned out in the end and glad I went black. Some more little things came in for the swap and also installed  my Cusco tension rod brace and solid steering column bushing 


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