Cleaning up new things 

Around April last year I was able to find a good deal on a SR20 from a local importer. This was a whole new thing for me. Which was kind of intimidating but with the help of few friends it made things a lot easier.
I didn’t start working on the engine right away after buying it I held off on it for about 2 months because I needed to save for a trip up to Canada. That trip was one I wont ever forget and hopefully have more in the future.
So after all that it was time to start working on the engine and getting it ready. I did as much as I could while it was out since its a whole lot easier than having to do it while its inside the car.

Once I got everything I needed off the engine I went ahead and flipped it so i could drop the upper and lower oil pan get everything resealed. Along with replacing the oil pick up gasket and rear main seal.

Popped the valve cover to see what everything looked like and all looked fine and well maintained. Two of my good friends Franklin and Steven came over to help bleed my lifters and install my tomei rocker arm stoppers. I also painted my valve cover satin black semi glass to give it that oem look. After this I was done with the head and installed new valve cover gasket and ready to go. Lastly I put on a Tomei powered coil pack cover(that franklin sold me) to dress it up a bit and see how it looked 

This day I felt the most ambitious and knocked a decent amount of things off the list. Front main seal, intake manifold gaskets, coolant lines. My crank pulley was on pretty tight so I chipped it twice before coming off but a friend had one laying a round and gave it to me. Oh and also I was able to get a Dmax tubular manifold which I was so excited to run, so I tested it to see how it would look.

Sadly my stock t25 needed to get rebuilt I’d figure why not upgrade and get something better like a t28 but I was lucky enough to get something cooler. I was able to get a HKS GT2530 from Franklin since he upgraded and didn’t need it anymore. I also changed out my water pump and thermostat to oem replacement. I was really happy to see no rust inside and looked super clean.

Pulling off the factory turbo lines were annoying and a friend of mine recommended to go braided stainless steel lines which made things look a lot cleaner/cooler and easier to install. Then  put brand new exhaust gasket along with new locking nut tabs and also cleaned up the block pretty good 

So that’s that I feel like I did way more but I guess I didn’t take many photos of the processes. But pretty much the engine stuff was done and I can focus on things I need for the swap. Clutch, harness, radiator, intercooler and a lot of little things hahaha

Thanks for reading! 


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