Gone but not forgotten

Soooo I’ve totally lost track of my blog. The rest of 2018 was a very busy one, as well as this year so far

Let’s see where I left off. Hmmmm….right. Stevens small friends only event!! Most of 2018 will just be photo dumps and I’ll try to elaborate a little on each section.

So here we go. Our good friend Cali(Dreamroom Ryan) sent us over some designs to have them put on our car just to support his name. We couldn’t be more happier to have that banner on our cars. They came out great!!

Our friend Han has such good camera talent and took some really photos that day.

let’s see what else I can dig up. OH right I sold the TEs. Tbh i really enjoyed the look of them and they will always be THE wheels but I got bored of them. They didn’t give off the aggressive look I got from the RE30s(That’s just me don’t kill me) so I ended up getting the REs refinished pretty much close to the OG silver they came in. Also selling the TEs helped fund get a daily so I’m not even complaining lol. I got myself a 2007 Honda Fit. It’s slow ass hell but so much room and great gas mileage. Best investment I’ve done is getting a proper daily. I daily drove the 13 for so long and thought it was cool but eventually I got really tired of it. So now that it’s painted and all I really don’t like the idea of driving it all the time

It’s so hard to try the find the order how things went last year I know I did an event before car show which was really fun. First time ever putting my car in a show and took 2nd for best Nissan/Infiniti. Idk how I won there were so many other cool cars there that day. it felt very rewarding non the less!

Had 1 more track day I believe in October 2018 which looking back now was my last event haha. Did some brake upgrades all around. Stop tech Sport up front and Project Mu D1 pads in the rear. Rear pads lock up on a dime! Felt nice to finally have a functioning hand brake especially at grange

After that the car just sat for busy with life but I still did some small tuning for fun. I traded my 4 point Cusco Chromoly for my buddy Antoines 5 point Safety 21. Always wanted a 5 point so took this opportunity to make it happen. It was already painted silver I just sanded it down and re shot it and it didn’t come out too bad! Also my manifold to turbo gasket blew so I got quick replacing that.

Aside from my car Friends / Family of course are a must. As well as personal time. Took a trip to Seattle. Early in the year and a SF trip towards her end of the year. Oh and lily and I adopted a Kitten lol

So thats pretty much covers majority of what went on 2018 I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few small things but I got to what I wanted to share. So far 2019 can not be going any better, Personal/car life it’s all been very exciting. I hope to make another post soon of this year before it passes by like 2018 did haha

Thanks for taking the time for reading!

Grange Prep

For the past month or so I’ve been doing a bunch of maintenance and minor upgrades to the car. PBM coilover top hat bearings, PBM intake pipe, silicone vacuum lines, axles boot, gas tank seals, splitter and few other small things.

The car has been doing well after the first few track days. Which is all I really want to do this year, drive. Steven decided to host a friends and family drift day a grange motorsports. I’ve driven this track before when I was KA haha. Now that I’m SR it should be a bit more fun.

First few things that needed to be changed were my top hat bearing, vacuum lines, intake pipe and gas tank seals/lines

Then I finally got around to installing my SPL arms that I found for a really good price in our local FB group all I needed was to replace the heim joints and they were good to go. Since I was working on the rear end, it was time fix the crack on the axle back part of my exhaust and install new boots on my axles.

A local exhaust shop was able to not only repair the hole it had a the rear hanger. They also reinforced which turned out really nice.s

At this point almost everything I wanted to get done for grange was pretty much done. The cars alignment was slightly off but my buddy David was kind enough to align it for me and drives great!

This same day my buddy Roy was working on his really nice s14. Complete Navan with LMGT4 all around

The date for grange is now about a week away and I did the last thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while, make a splitter. I didn’t really get much pictures during the process but I have a few to share on how it turned out. I made a quick blue print so I would know how much hardware I needed. It came out super messy but it worked. It’s really supportive and now I can worry a little less about smashing my bumper at grange lol

Lastly all I need was to install my Auto-collect Storm Harness relocation kit. Super easy to install and made my harness further away from my tires and keep it from rubbing. You can tell where I was rubbing before at full lock. Luckily I was able to notice this before anymore track days. Never had the issue of rubbing before but with the new tire set up it slightly did.

So that’s pretty much it for track prep. It’s only a few more days now and the car is 110% ready. Hopefully all goes well and will post updates on that day too.

Thanks again for taking the time read this!!

2017 ends but new memories were made

Once again another year comes and goes. This past December Steven, Allen and I planned a small test n tune at willow springs balcony. A few other dudes showed up to drive that day too. It felt like a mini drift event and it went super smooth! It took some time for me to get used to the new set up and having not drift the car for about 3 years at a track made it a bit harder. PLUS I was KA the last time I was there haha. The new power, suspension and tire set up felt so damn good. The car did everything I wanted it to. I went straight to initiating. Faints and 2nd gear clutch kicks are what I stuck to. I tried 3rd entries but man that felt pretty wild and fast. I couldn’t really get the hang of it and most of the day had already gone by so I figured I’d focus on 3rd gear when I come back for another test n tune.

It was Stevens first time ever drifting his car and my god did his car look great doing it. After a few donuts and figure 8s he quickly started doing entries. He caught on pretty quick. Allen drives s14 zenki with navan sides, valance and kouki wing on 18/17 chrome model 5s. He also went straight to initiating after a few donuts. He did really great too! I was really proud of us at the end of the day on how well and smooth it went. Other than Allen rubbing through his harness but that was a quick fix haha. IMG_4141IMG_4142IMG_4145


Im extremely proud of how far our cars have come and to see them out and being driven instead of sitting in a garage. I don’t think I could ever not drive my car unless its needed. Top photo was about 3 years ago and I didn’t think the cars would be where they’re are at nowIMG_4064img_4174.jpg

Here are just few photos of our drive up Azusa canyon Christmas evening . Tim and his cool final edition EVO X on te37 SLs with some nice bolt-ons. Full tomei expreme ti exhaust system(sounds so damn wild) upgraded front mount and intake system. All on a re-flashed ECU making about 340-350 whp.



This coming up year I don’t have any new major things I  want to do to the car but i will just drive and enjoy it. I have other things in life that I need to focus on. Cars are fun and a great hobby but hobbies can be put on hold. I’m hoping to add some more personal updates other than car stuff this time around.

Also a big thanks for taking the time to read this it means a lot!! Lastly sorry for any typos haha happy new years!!

Build and enjoy

The past 2 months consisted of testing all the new aero and sending it into paint and some last minute changes. Let’s start with testing all the new aero and also new hood. Someone local had a stage 21 drop vent hood and it took some thinking but I ended up getting it. Everything fit like it should and I was really satisfied.

I needed something other than the oem hood latch for this hood. So I found some sleek looking latches made by Quick latch which work really well.

At this point I already had someone to paint the car and couldn’t wait to send it in. So it was time.

In the back of my head I’ve wanted to change my wheel set up but I didn’t really know to what. Until I found a full set of silver TEs with centercaps (Centercaps were removed right before they were put on the car lol). As cool as bronze TEs are, I personally like silver more. Red car and silver wheel combo will always be my favorite.

I wanted to try a new square set up this time around. The wheels are 17×9 +22 and I wanted to run a 235/40/17 all around Federal RSR up front, 595SS for the rears 

The time came to pick up the car on a Friday 11/3/17. I didn’t touch the car until Sunday so it stayed on jacks until then.

Sunday was the day, time to install my new subframe with PBM risers and assemble the car. Thanks to the help of Franklin and Steven it made this whole process easier.

I didn’t get any pictures when the car was almost done that night but Franklin took a few, thanks for that!!

The next day I put all the all the lights. Cleaned up my interior from all the dust. Then took it to get it aligned.

Now that the car was back on the road it was time to hang out with a few close friends even though not everyone’s car is running we all still hang out just as much

My buddy Eric takes really good photos and took this one of our cars. He can use any camera and it’s amazing how he does it

I couldn’t be happier with the people this car has led me to cross paths with. Everyone one I’ve met so far was car related. I have high school friends that I still keep in touch with but I don’t see them as much mainly because they’re into things I just don’t find fun. I could stand in a empty parking lot just like the ones pictured above for hours. To anyone else we look like idiots wasting our time. To me we’re enjoying each others company talking about what’s next for our cars or even what’s going on in our life’s. Cheers to all you guys, you truly are the best!!!

Thanks for reading! Few more updates to come.

Uras x Vertex x GP Sports

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this. New things will be coming soon and can not be any more excited. I finally have all my aero pieced together. So I decided to keep and run my uras n+ bumper. It had some minor blemishes so I had that repaired by a the same friend who fixed my wing. This dude is crazy good with fiberglass work 

I wanted to run some sort of vented fenders but the only ones at the time that seemed promising were dmax +25mm which fit decent. So of course before I pull the trigger on those I hop on yaj and found some brand new vertex fenders which are +15mm which is a lot more subtle. Didn’t think twice and made the purchase! Also they made it in one piece haha  

At the end of May I contacted shine auto, they replicate sexy style and gp sport g-sonic zero for s13s. They also make other aero for a wide range of cars. I placed an order for sonic zero skirts and rear bumper which took about 2 months. So I took a day and test fit everything aside the rear bumper (too lazy to remove the diffuser) 

Now I’m just currently looking around for paint shops that can do the job for me. The car was painted 4 years ago at a one a day place it looks kinda okay in pictures lol but I would like to have a more higher quality paint job this time around. I’m still trying to decide what kind of red I’m going to choose. I have a few in mind but forsure this car will stay red until I die. Thanks for reading!! 

Stop screamin

Lately I’ve been looking into getting a PBM cobra down pipe. The clearance on those things are great and my current set up hangs way to low. Sadly the screamer pipe and blitz down pipe will have to go but it’s well worth it. I was able to pick one up from a dude locally who happened to still have it  from a post made in march. 

The car is so much quieter at idle and under wot but it feels a lot more smoother when in boost. Other than that the car hasn’t changed much at this time I’m just saving for new aero and paint. I’d like for it to get revamped sometime this summer and if all things continue the way they are it will definitely happen. 

Cool broken parts….

Car was doing well but had to put it on jacks stands for about a week. My Dmax manifold cracked pretty bad so had to take it out. I was thinking of getting another tubular manifold but ended up just throwing in a stock one on. I found out that stock s14 and s13 manifolds are different. The s14 has a bung on the back part and hits the rear return hose.(egr maybe? I don’t know) But I managed to source a 13 manifold now I’m actually really enjoying the tone of the car, slightly deeper and quieter. 

While the car was down my Uras Drag wing came in earlier than expected! I ordered it mid febuary and uras didn’t have any at the time so their next batch wasnt until the end of April. So I wasn’t expecting to get it until early May. It looks great and fits perfect!! BUT….it was damaged. The box looked like it was stepped on even though it said fragile all over it. It cracked the wing down the middle but I have a buddy who does really good fiberglass work and is gonna fix it up for me. 

The car is back on the road after that minor hiccup. It feels great and I enjoyed it over the weekend. Now I can focus on piecing new aero!

Feels like new again 

A decent amount had been done to the car recently. I finally got around to installing my new parts. Tomei FPR , Inovate wide band, Blitz boost controller 

Super happy how the interior looks at night. So much more things to look at haha. The car is running great! AFR keeps steady during full throttle and boost stays where it’s suppose to be at. Its currently just set at 8 and 10 pounds which is plenty for now 

Also got a new solid c pillar to help reduce with hatch flex. But I wasn’t really a fan of the white it came in. So I figured why not match it to the Cusco roll bar and I manged to match the color pretty well.

Lastly it was time to mount my new tires and get it aligned. Car feels really great and as good as new 

Friends and Ideas 

The year has been going by very nicely so far and couldn’t be any better. The cars running great.   

I turned 24 which was on the 24th of this month. So everyone met up for a KBBQ and 85 bakery. I was extremely happy to have everyone around hanging out and having I great time which was perfect. A few friends went the extra mile and decided to get me gifts which I love and cannot thank them enough!!! Roy and Steven got me a innovate wideband and Franklin and Arlynna got me a Blitz dual SBC. Thanks guys!!!

As much as I enjoy how the car feels power and suspension wise the outside has been bugging me for a while. From the unmatched painted aero to the holes in the trunk from my old wing. The aero has definitely seen better days. I recently found a uras n+ front bumper from a local importer which was super cool but to get the rest of the kit would be too much. So I rather put together something else. So now all I really am thinking about is new ideas of what the car COULD look like. But who knows.

Good bye 2016

Now that I look back at driving my car up to San Fran was a really dumb idea. Since I really only drove it two days before this trip. Everything seemed heathy and no issues so it wasn’t bad at all. We left  Friday at 3am and met up Franklin, Alrynna and Steven. From LA to Santa Barbara we were having a hard time driving in he rain. But we managed to get through it safely. Then it started to clear up and we got on some really nice roads.  

Our first stop was at a restaurant called Pepper Lunch in San Jose which was fantastic. We then got to our Airbnb and washed and cleaned up the cars to get all the road dirt off. Finally we were settled in and ready to uber to the city which was 15min away. We had Golden Boy Pizza then just wondered around. The weather was about the same back home but felt lot colder for some reason.

The next day Steven and I went out to the market to pick up some things to cook for breakfast. We realized we made way too much food for just 4 of us lol. Then we all went out for a drive by the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was super nice and there was also no fog so it made the view so much better! After that we went back to the house to rest up for a bit then went out to eat ramen. Later that night Franklin’s buddy and a few other car dudes had a small meet for us all to hang out. 

The last day we hit the road and went to a diner in the mountain for some breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant which was great!  We then cruised along the coast for a while and the view was perfect and so nice. I wish I could drive along the coast the whole way home. After a few hours we finally made it back home to and went back to reality. 

This was one of my first big drives with my car and couldn’t have beenj happier about it. I definitely hope to make more trips with this car. 

So that wrapped up the end of my 2016 and here I am now Sunday Feburary 12 11:40pm finishing this up. The cars going to stay this way for a while. I do have a few plans for it but that’s the last of my worries right now. I’m just going to continue and enjoy it as is. Thanks for taking the time to read. Now we’ll see what destinations come next